Stylish Exterior Features on the Chrysler 300

Chrysler’s 300 is a full-size luxury sedan with a powerful engine and a sleekly styled exterior design. This popular model comes in two trim choices that offer drivers the chance to customize their car for both appearance and performance. Take to the road in a car that’s suited to your particular comfort needs, performance expectations and style.

Illuminate the road ahead with high powered LED headlights in an elongated configuration that incorporates both pinpoint bulb and round spotlights. The 300’s headlights are also guided by computer to light your way whether you’re on a bumpy road or turning a corner by continually analyzing the angle of approach and adjusting to compensate.

While the 300’s wheels are characterized by a stylish abstract design on the hubcaps, they can also be customized to better reflect the driver’s performance expectations. Choose between 17 inch to 20 inch wheels, each with their own particular advantages.

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